Data Services

Data Entry

Our Data Entry services include bulk data entry such as Data Collection, Data update, Mailing list creation, Forms processing, and Data cleaning. We provide both online and offline data entry and our data entry team can work directly on your systems. We have ability of updating data from printed or handwritten documents, hard copies, and scanned images. All of your data can be delivered in the format that you desire, such as excel or database. Our data team will make sure all your data is entered correct.

Data Processing

Our Data Team will be able to convert, process, and organize the data that you provide into manageable information that will allow you to run more analysis. Example processing business reports, medical records, surveys, real estate records and others.

Data Conversion

Our Data Team can convert your data into a useful digital formats such as: MS Excel, MS Word, TXT, PDF, HTML, XML, and SQL Server, or any other format you may choose. We are prepared to fulfill any conversion expectations you may have.

Data Validation

Our Data Team is well versed in cleaning and validation, we will enhance your data by removing all errors and inconsistencies. We help you in maintaining accurate data and reduce cost.
Our Data Validation team will assist you in:
1 Identifying and removing duplicates and obsolete data.
2 Identifying and tagging similar records
3 Correcting and enhancing addresses, and verifying, correcting or adding zip code.

Web Research

Our Data Team provides web research solutions like lead generation, competitor research, product research, market research, and the mining/extraction of data to meet your requirements.
Our data team experts can handle any size web research [Manually or Automatically] and are committed to providing the same exceptional service.

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